We’re back with a BANG(kok)!

4 Jan

Hi y’all! Did you miss us….? Well, it’s January, we spent 5 weeks running around with Santa and the elves (he is SO demanding), so we thought we had better continue with tradition and fly half way round the world to sunnier climes, and make you all sick with jealousy. You love it.

Yay! Its a photo of food! Ok so this is a seafood pad thai, and was our breakfast on Friday after we recovered from a very long New Years Day and beyond journey to get here. For those of you who may have followed my adventures in 2011, this fishy feast was enjoyed at the MBK shopping centre- home to 7 floors of tat.


Afterwards we decided to even the score by visiting a slightly more salubrious shopping centre- the Siam Paragon. The following is the most instagramed photo in the world apparently:

Ok, maybe not this EXACT photo, but something close to it.

Hi Kids, uncle Kieran here, so into Bangkok we had dropped, all 32 something degrees of it, after the siam paragon we returned to our hotel and had a nap by the pool on the 12th floor (did we mention? Our room is on the 12th floor too…) we had been given a recommendation by Lisa Byrne in Dublin to check out the Banyan tree hotel, especially the rooftop bar, we were off!

Hold your breath and welcome to “the Moon at Vertigo”. Its pretty feckin spectacular, you grab a menu and wonder how will i read this?then this happens…

God damn it they love their toys!
We lucked out in securing a pair of seats by the bar and just enjoyed craning our necks like idiots as we breathed in the smog free air ; ) and toasted being there. One of those pinch me moments.
A very kind american lady saw us hopefully trying to find a photographer and her fella obliged

Too lucky feckers eh?
After the altitude we got straight back to reality by jumping into a taxi driven by oul scrooge himself, he wanted 200bht to get to the khao san road! We insisted on the meter and then he started trying it on and telling us he needed 50bht for the highway, anyhoo, after taking us the scenic route we stopped him and jumped out. The famous khao san rd, bit of a kip, like being at a zoo and seeing the animals in their own habitat. We did a lap and settled for food at “silk” bar. A thai green for her and a massaman for myself, by the third spoonful i had spotted a rat about 5 feet away so decided we were in the best place…no doubt he would end up on one of the street vendors karts soon enough.
So home to bed via a lovely taxi driver ,
We picked up brekkie for the morning to stick in the minibar.

Dont worry folks, I was sure to inspect his food hygiene certificate đŸ˜‰


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